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Alcohol Sensors in Every Car

Alcohol Sensors in Every Car

Under proposals from a former government chief drugs adviser, all vehicles would be fitted with alcohol sensors as a means of curbing drink driving.

President of the British Neuroscience Association and professor at Imperial College, London – Professor David Nutt proposed that all drivers would have to breathe into a device and be under the legal drink-drive limit in order for the car to start.

Professor Nutt’s suggestion was one of several methods put forward to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol in his new book – ‘Drugs – Without the Hot Air’.

These proposals were criticised by AA president Edmund King who suggested the Professors Nutt’s proposal was not practical, saying that you could be under the legal drink drive limit when starting off but then over the limit an hour later as it takes time for alcohol to enter the blood stream.

However this discussion ends, DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!

What do you think about alcohol sensors in cars?

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