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BBC NEWS Reports on the Prindiville Electric Hummer

To save the world, to stop global warming and to reduce the Co2 emissions these are important subjects which are close to people’s hearts.
We have contributed our very own Prindiville Electric Hummer and supported a report from BBC News about Electric vehicles. Everyone can participate to make the world greener. And for those, who did not know, there are even more benefits.
Until its demise in 2009 the Hummer vehicle by General Motors was an iconic gas guzzler in the United States. Adapted from the military vehicle the Humvee, the truck became a well-known status symbol for gangster rappers and Austrian bodybuilders, as well as a symbol of hatred for environmentalists.
Following the purchase of the rights to the design by UK manufacturing and design by Prindiville, it has now been reinvented as a two-seater electric vehicle. Designed for daily inner-city commuting, commercial fleets, or businesses that wish to take advantage of a unique and eye-catching advertising medium. Furthermore it will pay for itself in 12 months.
With free road tax, low insurance, free parking and no congestion charge fees in London, the Prindiville Hummer makes for fantastic financial sense.

Prindiville Electric Hummer

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