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Car Fest spearheaded by DJ Chris Evans

Car Fest spearheaded by DJ Chris Evans who gave up bread for Lent and to keep himself away from the bread bin invented Car-Fest! This is his dream of the perfect family festival, and of course, Car-Fest is also raising as much money as possible for BBC Children in Need.

Prindiville participated in last weekends of August 2012 event in collaboration with Silver-stone auctions, to raise funds for children in need.

“As twilight falls and the fat August sun slips behind a city of tents, it’s time to plug in the guitars. Rock ‘n’ roll my friends – nothing too crazy, but top quality and a fun time for mums, dads and kids alike”. So said Chris at the start of this project – and that’s what was waiting for us. Texas, the feeling, the Counterfeit stones, razor light and the Magic Numbers.

And as if that wasn’t enough Car-Fest also featured a central Arena for performances of all kinds. The Red Barrows – think of the red arrows, replace planes with wheelbarrows and you’re there – Dancing JCB diggers and Segway Racing.

And last but not least there were some truly amazing air displays to marvel at The RAF Hot Air Balloon, a massive 105,000 cubic feet balloon made in the UK, took to the skies and of course the blistering Blades aerial display team bought their ‘crazy flying’ display buzzing over Car-Fest.

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