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Car Storage changes and updates

Prindiville are pleased to announce the changes to our Car Storage service!

We’ve been working hard to update our web page, and come up with a program tailored to suit the needs of every client individually. Whether you’re the proud owner of a vintage car or high-end sports car you’ll be hard pressed to find a facility as close to central London as Prindiville.

In order to provide a financial plan catering to our clients individual desires we have implemented a tiered pricing system; whether you need a super car stored for a month or a classic car for a year we aim to provide the right package for you. Prindiville can even arrange for your vehicle to be collected or dropped off internationally, so distance isn’t a problem!

Whether you’re a proud private owner of a prestige car, run a car club and need somewhere to keep your vehicles secure prior to an event or even own a car auction company we aim to accommodate anyone and every ones needs, both private and corporate.

We strive to provide a professional service that guarantees a secure, accessible storage plan and we want to hear what you think! Let us know your opinion on our changes, or to arrange for a vehicle to be stored with Prindiville send us an e-mail at

Thanks for your time, and we hope you had a great summer.

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