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Ferrari F40 tuning and new performance exhaust releases.


Ferrari F40 tuning.

At the beginning of the month, We had had a rather eventful day fine tuning a customer’s Ferrari F40. We had the car on the dyno for close to 8 hours, continuously refining the ECU. We finally managed to produce a total increase of 100 BHP on the last run.

This was an increase on top of the gains made by a company who had previously tried their admirable best to produce top results!

We felt the customer would benefit from some additional control with the increased power, so to cap things off we installed a boost controller with 4 levels/ settings!

Needless to say, it was a pleasure working our magic on such a critically acclaimed vehicle!

This F40 in particular, had installed, a huge array of after market performance parts that had our map writers and technicians stretching their fingers with excitement to be working with such a brilliant opportunity to master their craft. The final map fully utilised the performance benefits of the sports exhaust and huge intercoolers and every setting on the stock V8 engine was tweaked to produce Prindiville results.

This was clearly felt by the customer who felt a noticeably stronger pull on the car, and commented on how the refined engine was now level with the outstanding aerodynamic design that arguably made the F40 the beast it was at the time of release.

New performance exhaust releases

E71-ExhaustKnowing that a whole new range of exterior styling options were being launched for our Land Rover section, and with new performance exhausts in development, the Prindiville parts department were understandably excited for the month ahead at the beginning of March.

The first exhaust we have launched is our new E71 valve sports exhaust system for the BMW X6.

This sports exhaust with valves delivers the best sound for each individual owner at all revs without having to manually switch between settings.

This “backpressure” control function also enables the engine to gain the maximum performance based on the sound preferences of the owner. If the driver accelerates aggressively, this is identified by the higher level of backpressure generated, and the exhaust gas valves open immediately in response. More moderate acceleration will result in delayed opening of the exhaust gas valves, keeping the sound levels lower.

This exhaust can be picked up for only £1850, and is the first in our updated valve sports exhaust range, so keep an eye out for any new releases. Look out for our valve system for the Porsche 997 in particular, which is scheduled to be released sometime in April.

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