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Recently we held a Whiskey and cigar event alongside Bang and Olufsen in what was a very well received evening.

We brought down 4 of our favourite cars the Audi R8, A stunning Ferrari 458, the brilliant Mercedes SLS AMG and to finish off the list one of our favourite vehicles currently in stock A Mercedes G63.

Guests were treated to a display of these brilliant vehicles as well as some excellent hardware from B&O of St Pauls, who really pulled out all the stops.
The evening was a huge success with barely enough room for anyone else as we packed out the venue at the Bvlgari Hotel in London.

After this events success I am certain that we will be hosting similar events in the future.

As well as the events we host ourselves we also appear at many large national events and next year we have some exciting things planned so keep an eye on us!

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Fancy something special to give your car that edge over others?
Looking for high quality finish by craftsmen with decades of experience?

Prindiville Parts department has for a long time offered only the finest Carbon Fibre service. We use only the best quality materials to give your car that extra special finish.
Here at Prindiville we believe that Carbon Fibre gives your car the stand out look that will turn heads and leave a lasting impression.

Carbon Fibre has since the company began been Prindiville’s Trademark stamp. Get your stamp of approval today!

For more information about Carbon Fibre or for a quote please contact us today!

Luxury Car Hire


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Prindiville now offers Luxury Car Hire to our customers, our unparalleled expertise – born of decades of buying, selling, servicing, tuning and coachbuilding exotic and high performance cars – means we’re ideally placed to provide you with the vehicle that fulfils your emotional, practical and financial requirements. Our self-drive luxury car hire fleet is one of the most glamorous and varied you’ll find in the UK, ranging from the cream of the high-end executive brands through to sports cars, SUVs, luxury limousines and supercars. All are immaculately prepared and maintained.

Prindiville are also able to offer chauffeured vehicles, including superbly equipped luxury mini-coaches. Talk to us as well about private aviation and luxury yacht charter another one of our new endeavours.

Perhaps you’re a private individual wishing to live out an automotive dream, make a special impression, or even wanting to ‘try before you buy’; maybe you represent a company with specific requirements about corporate image within a given budget. Whatever you want from your luxury car hire, Prindiville will work with you to create a package that best suits you.

Here at Prindiville we can’t wait to hear from you, contact us today for more information and book a car today!

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Prindiville are pleased to announce the changes to our Car Storage service!

We’ve been working hard to update our web page, and come up with a program tailored to suit the needs of every client individually. Whether you’re the proud owner of a vintage car or high-end sports car you’ll be hard pressed to find a facility as close to central London as Prindiville.

In order to provide a financial plan catering to our clients individual desires we have implemented a tiered pricing system; whether you need a super car stored for a month or a classic car for a year we aim to provide the right package for you. Prindiville can even arrange for your vehicle to be collected or dropped off internationally, so distance isn’t a problem!

Whether you’re a proud private owner of a prestige car, run a car club and need somewhere to keep your vehicles secure prior to an event or even own a car auction company we aim to accommodate anyone and every ones needs, both private and corporate.

We strive to provide a professional service that guarantees a secure, accessible storage plan and we want to hear what you think! Let us know your opinion on our changes, or to arrange for a vehicle to be stored with Prindiville send us an e-mail at

Thanks for your time, and we hope you had a great summer.

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The Elite London held on 25th and 26th July at London Biggin Hill Airport. The exhibition was a success bringing the best luxury brands under one umbrella. Gregor Shaw, Founder, Argentous one of the proud sponsor said:

“The Elite London was a vibrant, unique and enjoyable opportunity to share ideas and expertise with like-minded exhibitors and patrons. Argentous are very much looking forward to working with exclusively on similar events in the future.”

The two day exhibition hosted 100 luxury lifestyle brands around the world. Prindiville was delighted to be one of them and showcase a glance from our supercars fleet.

Prindiville would like to thank everyone who joined us at The Elite London. We hope you enjoyed yourself.

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Ferrari F40 tuning.

At the beginning of the month, We had had a rather eventful day fine tuning a customer’s Ferrari F40. We had the car on the dyno for close to 8 hours, continuously refining the ECU. We finally managed to produce a total increase of 100 BHP on the last run.

This was an increase on top of the gains made by a company who had previously tried their admirable best to produce top results!

We felt the customer would benefit from some additional control with the increased power, so to cap things off we installed a boost controller with 4 levels/ settings!

Needless to say, it was a pleasure working our magic on such a critically acclaimed vehicle!

This F40 in particular, had installed, a huge array of after market performance parts that had our map writers and technicians stretching their fingers with excitement to be working with such a brilliant opportunity to master their craft. The final map fully utilised the performance benefits of the sports exhaust and huge intercoolers and every setting on the stock V8 engine was tweaked to produce Prindiville results.

This was clearly felt by the customer who felt a noticeably stronger pull on the car, and commented on how the refined engine was now level with the outstanding aerodynamic design that arguably made the F40 the beast it was at the time of release.

New performance exhaust releases

E71-ExhaustKnowing that a whole new range of exterior styling options were being launched for our Land Rover section, and with new performance exhausts in development, the Prindiville parts department were understandably excited for the month ahead at the beginning of March.

The first exhaust we have launched is our new E71 valve sports exhaust system for the BMW X6.

This sports exhaust with valves delivers the best sound for each individual owner at all revs without having to manually switch between settings.

This “backpressure” control function also enables the engine to gain the maximum performance based on the sound preferences of the owner. If the driver accelerates aggressively, this is identified by the higher level of backpressure generated, and the exhaust gas valves open immediately in response. More moderate acceleration will result in delayed opening of the exhaust gas valves, keeping the sound levels lower.

This exhaust can be picked up for only £1850, and is the first in our updated valve sports exhaust range, so keep an eye out for any new releases. Look out for our valve system for the Porsche 997 in particular, which is scheduled to be released sometime in April.

For more details on our new valve exhaust for the E71 X6 click here.

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For all those that managed to attend, thank you for making it a wonderful evening.
If Alex did not manage to get round to talking with you at length, please accept his apologies.

For those of you that were not able make it, it would be good to see you at our next event, which we will be sending out invitations to in the near future.

GOODWOOD 72nd Members Meeting, Saturday 29th March 2014

The sun was shining on the 72nd Members Meeting, with period livery filling the paddock – three-litre Capris, Alfa Romeo GTVs, and even a Mini 1275GT amongst them. Prindiville was at the invitation-only weekend of racing action and entertainment, the cars showing what they were made of over various races including the opening Gerry Marshall Trophy as drivers competed to be the fastest.
Prindiville is one of the world’s leading luxury bespoke coachbuilders, boasting a global client portfolio.

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After being launched in July 2011 and having received consistent critical acclaim, production of the Range Rover Evoque is now entering into its 4th year.

Prindiville is pleased to announce a new range of exterior styling for the Evoque, which has proved to be a highly popular car to customize, with enthusiasts having come to an agreement that if you want to get the most out of your Evoque, exterior styling is not a bad place to start.

With this in mind, we now offer a selection of complete, as well as modular conversions which have stylistically retained the contours of the Evoque, while sharpening those bits of the car that we love to look at, making the Prindiville range worthy of serious consideration for the staunchest of Evoque admirers.

At the helm of our new range are our wide body kit conversions, bringing to the forefront a traditional choice for design enthusiasts who appreciate the emphasised wider arches that modify the original features with added presence, allowing your Evoque to be a marvel among its lesser fellows…

Click here for more details on this conversion

Further in our new range, is the Evolution collection, which details an elegant sport style upgrade which provides the Evoque with a dynamic aesthetic as well aerodynamic enhancement .The front bumper comes inclusive of highly attractive Daytime Running Lamps, and with the option of further combining the bumper with the rest of the Prindiville Evolution range for the Evoque. The full package consists of a roof spoiler and rear bumper, which together with the front bumper will prove to be a great visual enhancement, as part of a complete styling package.

Click here for more details on this conversion

Also part of our new conversions is our own Prindindiville Range Rover Evoque Widebody kit, which is based on the five-door version of the crossover, which receives a more aggressive and muscular appearance. This Evoque Widebody implements a new front bumper with LED DRLs, side skirts, and a modified rear apron with an integrated diffuser and a roof wing.

Click here for more details on this conversion

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions and/or would like to arrange a conversion for your Evoque.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Prindiville wishes all of our readers, the best in the new year, with apologies in order for our relatively long absence from the Blogosphere!

Needless to say, Prindiville had a busy 2013 and an exciting start to the year, which was head started with our attendance at the launch for the new Lamborghini Huracan. With the natural confidence in Lamborghini to pull off something special, and with optimism that we already had going into the launch, the Huracan on a first glance had already proved aesthetically, a worthy successor to its flagship predecessor, the Gallardo.

Under the bonnet, we were impressed by the 600BHP V10 engine and the Huracan can comfortably join the Aventador in this new Lamborghini line-up, and needlessly to say, Prindiville have placed an order for five vehicles, for our international client base.

For those of you that have been too busy to follow the launch, you will be able to place your order with us.

We look forward to hearing from you with interest!

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To save the world, to stop global warming and to reduce the Co2 emissions these are important subjects which are close to people’s hearts.

We have contributed our very own Prindiville Electric Hummer and supported a report from BBC News about Electric vehicles. Everyone can participate to make the world greener. And for those, who did not know, there are even more benefits.

Until its demise in 2009 the Hummer vehicle by General Motors was an iconic gas guzzler in the United States. Adapted from the military vehicle the Humvee, the truck became a well-known status symbol for gangster rappers and Austrian bodybuilders, as well as a symbol of hatred for environmentalists.

Following the purchase of the rights to the design by UK manufacturing and design by Prindiville, it has now been reinvented as a two-seater electric vehicle. Designed for daily inner-city commuting, commercial fleets, or businesses that wish to take advantage of a unique and eye-catching advertising medium. Furthermore it will pay for itself in 12 months.
With free road tax, low insurance, free parking and no congestion charge fees in London, the Prindiville Hummer makes for fantastic financial sense.

Prindiville Electric Hummer

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