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This Sunday saw the start of the 2015 Formula one season, which kicked off with the Australian Grand Prix: it turned out to be an easy win for the defending F1 champion, Lewis Hamilton. During F1’s short winter, the teams were frantically upgrading the technology of their cars using scores of technicians and computers costing tens of millions of pounds. But while there’s definitely been more exciting racing over the past two or three years, it’s the tech boys and the size of a team’s budget that determines which drivers are at the front of the grid.

To a degree it has ever been thus. But 20 years or so ago, a truly outstanding driver could overcome such disadvantages and stick an ‘underdog’ car at the pointy end of the podium.

At Prindiville we’ve been musing on how things have changed in F1, inspired by the arrival in our showroom of an ex-Ayrton Senna Toleman-Hart 184-02 grand prix car. This is the car in which the Brazilian prodigy famously almost stole the win at the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix during his very first season in F1.

Monaco was wet that year. Sodden. Roads streaming like waterfalls. And while Senna’s Toleman was a good racing car, it was very much overshadowed by rivals Ferrari, McLaren, Williams, Renault, Lotus and more. And Senna was racing against legends: Prost, Mansell, Rosberg, Lauda, Piquet, Arnoux, Tambay. To make matters worse, he started 13th on the grid.

But because of his prodigious driving skills – and not a bunch of clever electronics – Senna was able to battle his way through the spray, picking off F1’s finest lap after lap, until on lap 32 he passed Prost and splashed into the lead.

At this point the race was stopped and although Senna went on to conduct a victory lap, the race officials decided that final positions would be based on how things stood at the end of the previous, fully completed lap. So a bitter and angry Senna had to settle for second place.

Look into the Toleman’s tiny cockpit today and you get a sense of how it genuinely was the driver that made all the difference. Modern F1 cars have more buttons and lights and dials than the bridge on the Starship Enterprise, but in Senna’s workplace there are a scant smattering of old fashioned dials, some crude mechanical levers, and a wooden gearknob for the manual five-speed gearbox. In here the driver does everything, there are no electronics to lend a helping hand.

What makes Senna’s achievement all the more impressive during that bitter-sweet 1984 Monaco Grand Prix is the fact the Toleman-Hart was running more than 1000bhp and the turbo-lag in that era was epically unpredictable, especially when you had to use your brain, and not a microchip, to stay on top of it.

So whie we’re raising a glass to the victor of the Australian Grand Prix and the great team effort that took him past the chequered flag first, we’ll also be thinking about Senna’s car in our showroom and a breed of racing drivers who had to do it all for themselves.

Ayrton Senna’s famous Toleman-Hart TG 84-02 is currently for sale through Prindiville. Please look at our Cars for Sale section for more details, or call us on 020 7624 2911 to chat with us about it.

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Right now the Geneva Motor Show is in full swing. Already it has been packed with stunning supercar debuts – Ferrari 488 GTB, Lamborghini Aventador SV, McLaren P1 GTR and 675 Lt, Aston Martin Vulcan, DBX and Vantage GT3 racer, Koenigsegg Regera, new Audi R8, and Porsche Cayman GT4 and 911 GT3 RS. No doubt about it, these are good times. Great times. Fantastic times.

And yet, down here at the Prindiville showroom on the edge of Shoreditch and the City of London, the recent arrival of a couple of ‘old timers’ created just as much of a neck-swivelling stir. Two of the poster children of the 1980s turned up on our doorstep and the local area ground to a dumbstruck halt.

White Lamborghini Countach. Red Ferrari Testarossa. Old cars, certainly, but still massively charismatic. Still jaw-dropping in an age where we sort of assume that we’ve seen it all. The crowds on the street outside comprised those who were youngsters at the time this iconic pair were forging life-long fantasies and still yearned to own one, through to youngsters brought up on computer driving games who could nevertheless appreciate ‘super’ when they saw it.

As we closed the showroom doors and the crowd reluctantly dispersed, the Prindiville team enjoyed a private smile – we’re forever being fed the line that the newest is the best (and sometimes that’s very true), but our experience shows that with certain cars, age is absolutely no barrier to their desirability.

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Prindiville has a great passion for innovative design and for all things bespoke. That’s why the signature in our design is Prindiville designed Carbon Fibre. As with the rest of our business it is crucial that every aspect is completed with an exacting eye and that it is done with the very same passion we always strive to achieve.

So it was natural that outside of our own bespoke designs for our customers, that we offered them the choice of multiple carbon fibre kits from various designers. It is for this reason that we aim to provide our clients with the best designs from companies such as Vorsteiner, DMC, Lumma, Prior Designs and Hamann which we are dealers for.

However for those looking for something bespoke or to get a complete custom design, our design team is always on point to work with you to create something that will render your vehicle unique. Each and every piece is hand crafted and is checked for quality by our specialist team, ensuring that every piece holds up to our discerning eyes. Whether you are looking for an internal trim or a full body conversion, Prindiville can support you on your journey to achieving the car of your dreams.

For more information on the services we offer or to enquire about a carbon fibre kit we have for sale, please contact one of our dedicated parts representatives today.

Prindiville Parts Department:

Phone: +44(0)208 624 2911

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We understand the passion and respect an individual has for their car, which is why we ensure each and every vehicle is cared for as if it were our own.

Based in London, Prindiville offers a safe and secure car storage service; whether you want to store a classic car, prestige car, high-end sports car or motorbike we guarantee your vehicle will be given the highest quality treatment money can buy, inside our purpose built storage facility.

This building boasts a 24/7 security team and CCTV monitoring system – we also offer climate controlled air chamber protection for your most valued vehicle. All vehicles admitted to our facility undergo a thorough interior and exterior valet process, and whilst in our care follows a strict servicing program – guaranteeing your car remains at the highest possible standard whilst under our protection.

Don’t think living abroad means you can’t make use of our central London storage facility. Wherever you live from Germany to Russia, if you need a car picked up or dropped off it won’t be a problem. Whether you want your vehicles stored for a short period of time or if you are looking for a long term service we’re certain we can provide it.

Leaving the country and want to take your prized vehicle with you? Look no further, whether you’re heading to the Middle East, China, USA, Asia, Australia or anywhere in-between Prindiville offers a hassle free car export service enabling anyone to have access to their supercar, anywhere in the world.

Package Price (monthly) What does this include?

Standard 200 + VAT Storage

Gold (recommended for long term storage) 225+ VAT Car Care Plan

Platinum 250 + VAT Gold plan & Car Care Premium Program

Standard – We recommend this offer for short term storage.

Gold – Our experts recommend this package for those that are interested in storing their vehicles for extended periods of time.

Platinum – This is Prindiville’s premium package. We are confident that your vehicle will receive the finest treatment money can buy – you will notice the difference once your car is returned from storage.

We endeavour to offer very competitive prices, and those that wish to pay for 12 months in advance receive an extra month free of charge! Vehicles admitted and discharged in short periods of time are charged a payment of £50.00; this covers administrative work and a valet service for your vehicle.

To discuss your individual storage needs and requirements, or if there is anything else we can help with get in touch with a member of the team at 0207 624 29 11 or e-mail us at
We look forward to hearing from you.

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Prindiville has over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry; designing and manufacturing aerodynamic Carbon Fibre enhancement parts. Alongside our Stainless Steel / Titanium Sports Exhaust systems and ECU tuning programs. All our products are designed and manufactured by the Prindiville team in Great Britain.

ECU Tuning:

Engine Control Units (ECU) are an art form.

By allowing Prindiville to remap your vehicle we will safely increase the power of your engine whilst enabling better fuel efficiency. Prindiville can design you a ECU map for fuel efficiency or greater power gains and enhanced driving pleasure.

The Prindiville Stages:

Prindiville have structured our engine upgrades into stages: 1,2,3,4 for optimal engine performance. Combining ECU upgrades, performance air filters, sports exhaust systems, sports catalytic converters.

Introduction to ECU box mapping:

Prindiville offer an “in the box solution” which can be shipped worldwide and is truly simple to fit. This unit is ideal for customers who wish to remove the product when selling the vehicle or are unable to visit one of Prindiville branches to have their product fitted.

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Prindiville have a long history of hosting our own events during the holiday season and particularly when we have something to celebrate with you our customers.

This year we celebrated with you the launch of our latest 2 ventures! First off we are working together with some amazing old race cars that pioneered racing as we know it now, with such names as Stirling Moss and Senna thrown into the mix. We will be working with a team to bring these amazing Race Cars back onto the market as Re-Creations for the elite race fans among us. Something that will be individual to yourself and the envy of every collector.

Our second exciting new development is our work with a brilliant team based in Norfolk who are developing completely unique and bespoke motorcycles, you can either send them a design and they will re-create it or purchase an already existing design. The team at Prindiville alongside the lads at Old Empire Motorcycles will work with you to get you the bike you deserve, the one that will turn heads that will mark you out as someone with unique and clear tastes.

Prindiville has always found it to be incredibly important to provide a service where we not only can source you the car you want, but to take it to the next level and make it bespoke to our customer. We hope that you can see this continued dedication to our customers needs and that we are still homing in on our love of not just getting you your car but making it the car that you can be proud of and say is undisputedly yours.

So from all of us at Prindiville, Thank you for an amazing 2014 and we look forward to a new fantastic year with you all in 2015!

Happy Holidays – Prindiville Team

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A happy holidays to all of our customers during this festive season!

Prindiville would like to thank everyone that came to our Christmas Launch Event this year and thank you for being part of what made the event such a huge success.
Looking forward into the next year we will be at the London Classic Car Show in January and have many exciting plans over the following year including expanding the business, future events and more great content and services.

Our Christmas Opening Hours are :

24th – Closed

25th – Closed

26th – Closed

27th – 9am – 1pm

28th – Closed

29th – 9am – 5pm

30th – 9am – 5pm

31st – 9am – 1pm

1st January 2015 – Closed

2nd January 2015 -Business as normal

We would like to thank all of our customers for a fantastic year and we look forward to a prosperous 2015!

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Recently we held a Whiskey and cigar event alongside Bang and Olufsen in what was a very well received evening.

We brought down 4 of our favourite cars the Audi R8, A stunning Ferrari 458, the brilliant Mercedes SLS AMG and to finish off the list one of our favourite vehicles currently in stock A Mercedes G63.

Guests were treated to a display of these brilliant vehicles as well as some excellent hardware from B&O of St Pauls, who really pulled out all the stops.
The evening was a huge success with barely enough room for anyone else as we packed out the venue at the Bvlgari Hotel in London.

After this events success I am certain that we will be hosting similar events in the future.

As well as the events we host ourselves we also appear at many large national events and next year we have some exciting things planned so keep an eye on us!

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Fancy something special to give your car that edge over others?
Looking for high quality finish by craftsmen with decades of experience?

Prindiville Parts department has for a long time offered only the finest Carbon Fibre service. We use only the best quality materials to give your car that extra special finish.
Here at Prindiville we believe that Carbon Fibre gives your car the stand out look that will turn heads and leave a lasting impression.

Carbon Fibre has since the company began been Prindiville’s Trademark stamp. Get your stamp of approval today!

For more information about Carbon Fibre or for a quote please contact us today!

Luxury Car Hire


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Prindiville now offers Luxury Car Hire to our customers, our unparalleled expertise – born of decades of buying, selling, servicing, tuning and coachbuilding exotic and high performance cars – means we’re ideally placed to provide you with the vehicle that fulfils your emotional, practical and financial requirements. Our self-drive luxury car hire fleet is one of the most glamorous and varied you’ll find in the UK, ranging from the cream of the high-end executive brands through to sports cars, SUVs, luxury limousines and supercars. All are immaculately prepared and maintained.

Prindiville are also able to offer chauffeured vehicles, including superbly equipped luxury mini-coaches. Talk to us as well about private aviation and luxury yacht charter another one of our new endeavours.

Perhaps you’re a private individual wishing to live out an automotive dream, make a special impression, or even wanting to ‘try before you buy’; maybe you represent a company with specific requirements about corporate image within a given budget. Whatever you want from your luxury car hire, Prindiville will work with you to create a package that best suits you.

Here at Prindiville we can’t wait to hear from you, contact us today for more information and book a car today!