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Prindiville : Carbon Fibre Sepcialists

Prindiville has a great passion for innovative design and for all things bespoke. That’s why the signature in our design is Prindiville designed Carbon Fibre. As with the rest of our business it is crucial that every aspect is completed with an exacting eye and that it is done with the very same passion we always strive to achieve.

So it was natural that outside of our own bespoke designs for our customers, that we offered them the choice of multiple carbon fibre kits from various designers. It is for this reason that we aim to provide our clients with the best designs from companies such as Vorsteiner, DMC, Lumma, Prior Designs and Hamann which we are dealers for.

However for those looking for something bespoke or to get a complete custom design, our design team is always on point to work with you to create something that will render your vehicle unique. Each and every piece is hand crafted and is checked for quality by our specialist team, ensuring that every piece holds up to our discerning eyes. Whether you are looking for an internal trim or a full body conversion, Prindiville can support you on your journey to achieving the car of your dreams.

For more information on the services we offer or to enquire about a carbon fibre kit we have for sale, please contact one of our dedicated parts representatives today.

Prindiville Parts Department:

Phone: +44(0)208 624 2911

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