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Prindiville Christmas and 50’s race car launch Event

Prindiville have a long history of hosting our own events during the holiday season and particularly when we have something to celebrate with you our customers.

This year we celebrated with you the launch of our latest 2 ventures! First off we are working together with some amazing old race cars that pioneered racing as we know it now, with such names as Stirling Moss and Senna thrown into the mix. We will be working with a team to bring these amazing Race Cars back onto the market as Re-Creations for the elite race fans among us. Something that will be individual to yourself and the envy of every collector.

Our second exciting new development is our work with a brilliant team based in Norfolk who are developing completely unique and bespoke motorcycles, you can either send them a design and they will re-create it or purchase an already existing design. The team at Prindiville alongside the lads at Old Empire Motorcycles will work with you to get you the bike you deserve, the one that will turn heads that will mark you out as someone with unique and clear tastes.

Prindiville has always found it to be incredibly important to provide a service where we not only can source you the car you want, but to take it to the next level and make it bespoke to our customer. We hope that you can see this continued dedication to our customers needs and that we are still homing in on our love of not just getting you your car but making it the car that you can be proud of and say is undisputedly yours.

So from all of us at Prindiville, Thank you for an amazing 2014 and we look forward to a new fantastic year with you all in 2015!

Happy Holidays – Prindiville Team

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