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Coachbuilding: a combination of art and craftsmanship, used to refashion the looks of a production car to suit an owner’s unique and individual taste.

When the art of coachbuilding is practised by Prindiville it’s a platform for innovation and creativity.

The heyday of coachbuilding was in the 1920s and 1930s; during the 1960s and 1970s ‘design houses’ emerged, particularly in Italy, producing elegant, flamboyant designs that were sometimes produced in limited runs by the major car manufacturers. Latterly, however, the coachbuilding industry has played a background role.

At Prindiville, we are reinventing the coachbuilder’s art, using skills and knowledge built up over decades. We believe what sets us apart from others is that our sense of the aesthetic is matched by a solid understanding of automotive engineering – there’s absolutely no point sketching out daringly designed bodywork if it is physically impossible to create it for real.

Our founder, Alex Prindiville, knows how to produce visually alluring designs that take account of the restrictions imposed by a car’s essential structural underpinnings – his experience in this field saves our clients the frustration of seeing something they like on paper, but then can’t have.

But that’s only a part of the Prindiville design difference. We take extraordinary pride in the quality of our workmanship – the direction of the weave in our carbon fibre components must be just so; our welds smooth and even; our paintwork deep and glossy; our upholstery a perfect fit. Alex Prindiville has an extraordinary eye for detail and oversees the crafting of all our designs.

Our Focus Is You

Every Prindiville Design commission starts with a consultation session. And we’re good listeners. We find out whether you have any firm idea of the design you want – perhaps you already have a sketch – or if you’d prefer us to come up with proposals based upon your brief. We also ascertain your budget and your timetable.

When we come back to you with a detailed proposal, we’ll run through it with you. Explain everything. Ask for your honest feedback. It’s OK to criticise; we find it a constructive process. You might want some changes. We might suggest some, too. Only when you’re completely happy will we set to work.

Throughout the build of your dream car we’ll keep you updated as often as you want. We’ll e-mail pictures to you to ensure you’re content with every last detail. And if there are any unexpected issues, or we think we now know a better way of doing something, we’ll be in touch promptly, because unless you’re fully satisfied, we haven’t done our job properly.

But at Prindiville we’re confident that your car will turn out just the way you want it: hopefully even better.

What Can You Have? Whatever You Want

Bespoke coachbuilding is all about having precisely what you want; creating a car that is individual, unique & personal.

-Paintwork to match your front door? Send us a paint sample and we’ll get a batch mixed up. -Roof, bonnet, boot-lid and doors in carbon fibre? Tell us what size-weave you like best and we’ll order the material and start moulding. Ostrich skin upholstery? Let us know what colour you’d prefer the hides dyed.

Thanks to Prindiville’s comprehensive network of specialist suppliers, we can also provide performance tuning: engines, exhausts, brakes, suspension, wheels and tyres – either top quality existing components or bespoke engineered parts, depending on how far you want to go.

You tell us what your dream specification is, and we’ll do our best to create your ideal car.

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