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Prindiville invites you to Top Gear 2012


Prindiville will be exhibiting at this years TOP GEAR show in Birmingham NEC 25-28 October 2012. Housed in the Super Car Gallery stand No: G59 – G66.

Aside of exhibiting a number of luxurious Super Cars, Prindiville is launching the worlds first tuned electric vehicle: the Prindiville Electric, Carbon Fibre Limited Edition.

Prindiville would like to personally invite you to Top Gear 2012. To showcase our vehicles to you, talk you through the features and benefits of the standard and customised electric vehicles. Just lets us know your coming by calling 0207 624 2911 and we’ll arrange to meet you.

The Prindiville standard and limited edition designs are a true urban electric vehicle (EV), to offer businesses a sustainable and fun alternative to today’s line-up of electric and hybrid cars.

The Electric Hummer has been designed for daily city commuter transport, commercial fleets, or businesses that wish to take advantage of a unique and eye-catching advertising medium.

  • Prindiville Electric Hummer is Worlds first customised electric vehicle (EV).
  • Green and fun alternative to today’s low-emission cars.
  • New model to debut with luxury Limited Edition series of 25 examples.
  • Lithium-ion powered 72V drive system offers 60-mile (97 km) range.
  • Qualifies in UK for exemption from the London Congestion Charge, corporate taxes, and parking charges (where applicable).
  • Competitive insurance and finance packages from Prindiville for the purchase and operation of the vehicle.
  • Priced from £25,000/$40,000 (excluding taxes, VAT, and shipping).

Commenting on the unveiling of the Limited Edition Prindiville Electric Hummer, Truska Angel, CEO of Prindiville Design, and a highly experienced and published sustainability professional, explains: “In parallel to being one the world’s leading luxury coachbuilders, we are fully aware of our responsibility to offer motorists sustainable choices through the provision of exciting transport solutions in this evolving electric sector. The new model is clearly a step in the right direction and the beginning of an exciting journey which promotes individual styling preferences, fun, and an all-important sustainable lifestyle. This is clear evidence that greener choices do not have to compromise luxury and beautiful design.”

The Limited Edition Prindiville Electric Hummer, which is now open for orders at a price of £25,000 or US$40,000 (excluding import taxes shipping and VAT) at, qualifies in the UK for exemption from the London Congestion Charge, free parking (where applicable), and is deductible from corporate taxes. Prindiville Design offers competitive insurance and finance packages for the purchase and operation of the vehicle.

We look forward to seeing you at Top Gear 2012.


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