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Prindiville Whiskey Event

Recently we held a Whiskey and cigar event alongside Bang and Olufsen in what was a very well received evening.

We brought down 4 of our favourite cars the Audi R8, A stunning Ferrari 458, the brilliant Mercedes SLS AMG and to finish off the list one of our favourite vehicles currently in stock A Mercedes G63.

Guests were treated to a display of these brilliant vehicles as well as some excellent hardware from B&O of St Pauls, who really pulled out all the stops.
The evening was a huge success with barely enough room for anyone else as we packed out the venue at the Bvlgari Hotel in London.

After this events success I am certain that we will be hosting similar events in the future.

As well as the events we host ourselves we also appear at many large national events and next year we have some exciting things planned so keep an eye on us!

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