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One Year of Range Rover Evoque production

As demand for the Range Rover Evoque continues around the world, employees at JLR’s Halewood manufacturing plant are celebrating one year of production.

Twelve months ago, when the first vehicle rolled off the production line, the Evoque had already generated an exceptional market response with more than 18,000 advance orders from customers worldwide. This interest continues today with demand for the Evoque driving sales of almost 80,000 units in just nine months. With more than 110 global awards under its belt, the Range Rover Evoque has gained critical acclaim from customers and media alike. Crowned Top Gear Magazine Car of the Year, World Design Car of the Year and North American Truck of the Year amongst others, the Evoque continues to receive plaudits for its concept car looks, dynamic driving performance, class leading off-road skills and excellent cost of ownership.

Halewood Operations Director Richard Else, said: “The Evoque is an incredibly exciting vehicle that continues to turn heads. Sales of the Evoque remain strong across all markets and here at the plant we are working hard to meet this demand.”

The Prindiville Range Rover Evoque is even more exciting than the original one. Commenting on the unveiling of the new model, Alex Prindiville, Founder and Chief Designer of Prindiville, explains: “The Evoque is undoubtedly one of the most acclaimed and successful Range Rover models ever made. In the Prindiville edition, we have looked to preserve the revered character of the vehicle whilst highlighting the principal styling cues to create a truly individual and high performance interpretation of this very popular SUV.”

The Evoque is designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK with more than 75 per cent of production exported to more than 170 global markets – generating an estimated £2 billion in annual export value for the UK.


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