Maserati Granturismo + S ECU Mapping

Maserati Granturismo + S

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Prindiville has over 20 years in the automotive industry; designing and manufacturing aerodynamic Carbon Fibre enhancement parts. Alongside our Stainless Steel / Titanium Sports Exhaust systems and ECU tuning programs. All our products are designed and manufactured by the Prindiville team in Great Britain.

ECU tuning

Engine Control Units (ECU). Is an art form.

By allowing Prindiville to remap your Maserati Granturismo + S engine we will safely increase the power of your engine whilst enabling better fuel efficiency. Prindiville can design you a ECU map for fuel efficiency or greater power gains and enhanced driving pleasure.

Stage 1,2,3,4,5

Prindiville have structured our engine upgrades into stages: 1,2,3,4,5 for optimal engine performance. Combining ECU upgrades, performance air filters, sports exhaust systems, sports catalytic converters.

Introduction to ECU box map
Prindiville offer an “in the box solution” which can be shipped worldwide and is truly simple to fit. This unit is ideal for customers who wish to remove the product when selling the vehicle or are unable to visit one of Prindiville branches to have their product fitted.

  Original Prindiville    
Model BHP Torque Power BHP Torque Fuel Saving Delimited
Granturismo 399 339 438 371 NA NA
Granturismo S 440 361 NA NA NA NA

Stage 1 ECU Map/Performance/or Fuel economy

Price: £750

Stage 2 ECU Map Performance + Air Filter

Price: £900

Stage 3 ECU Map Performance + Air Filter + Sports Exhaust System

Price: £2280

Stage 4 ECU Map Performance + Air Filter + Sports Exhaust System + Sports 200 Cell Catalytic Converters

Price: £2880

Note: all of the above products include free fitting subject to terms and conditions