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Prindiville has just been relaunched and rebranded.

The company has central London headquarters and relies extensively on British craftsmen, designers and engineers.

Prindiville has extensive experience of carbonfibre manufacture and construction techniques, and practises this art in the automotive, aeronautic and boatbuilding industries.

Alex Prindiville, the company’s founder, personally designs and oversees all Prindiville Design’s projects.

Although Prindiville is relaunching with enhanced versions of some of the most evocative supercars of our time, including:-

Prindiville also has visual tuning components for a wide range of other supercar and prestige models, including Porsche, Bentley and BMW, as well as other Lamborghini, Ferrari and Range Rover models.

As a bespoke coachbuilder, Prindiville can create one-off designs to a customer’s specific requirements.

Prindiville also engineers, manufacturers and stocks a vast range of visual and performance tuning parts for a growing number of prestige and high performance cars – visit the company’s stylish new website, www.prindiville.co.uk, to view the

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