Electric Hummer


The Electric Hummer is an official licensed product of General Motors. Designed and built to traditional specification with the original Hummer signature features. Ideal for eco-friendly urban and suburban driving. With free road tax, low insurance, free parking in most London boroughs and no congestion charge fees in London, this Electric Vehicle makes fantastic financial sense.

hummer specification
Here at Prindiville we pride ourselves on our extensive specification of the Hummer. Click here to learn more about performance or how we have incorporated styling elements from the original Hummer.
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In order to ensure each Hummer has its own individual appeal, Prindiville has comprised an options list that enables you to make each Hummer truly unique.
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why electric faq
The Prindiville FAQ’s offer you information on a whole host of Hummer topics. If you have a specific question please let us know via our contact form.
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Here at Prindiville we are always looking for partners and collaborators to work with. Learn more here…
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hummer support
The Prindiville support section is a hub of Hummer information, servicing/ warranty info, manuals, tips and useful pointers for using your Hummer.
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