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finance and investment

Hummer Finance and Investment Options

At Prindiville, we want to work with you to make financing your Hummer seamless, transparent and hassle-free. We have finance packages designed to work with all budgets.

Our expert friendly team will help you find the right product for you. Prindiville works with a number of vehicle finance companies to enable us to offer a comprehensive range of finance options.

If you are a business there are a number of incentives available to you, that in effect will make the purchase of your Hummer cost neutral in 12 months.


  • Corporation Tax Break. 100% First Year Allowance – Cost of Hummer 100% claimable against Corporation Tax in year 1 or within 3 years of purchase.
  • VAT 100% claimable.
  • Exempt from Benefit in Kind (no company car tax)
  • Exempt from Road Tax
  • Exempt from Congestion Charge
  • Free Parking in most London Boroughs


  • *Save £3,060 on fuel PA
  • *Save £2,520 on congestion charges PA
  • *Save £6,300 on parking charges PA
  • Free Roadside Recovery Insurance PA

Typical Finance Package – Terms and conditions apply.

£2,500.00 Deposit

Repayments of £282.95 Per Month. Over 60 months. Totaling £16,800 repayable on average.

*Energy costs based on fully charging the vehicle 360 days a year. £0.88 per charge. Prices vary according to energy provider.

*Fuel comparisons based on fueling a small petrol vehicle 360 days a year.

*Congestion charges based on a daily fee of £10.00 252 days a year.

*Parking Fees Based on an average Zone 1 parking costs of £25 per day 252 days a year.



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