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Ferrari 458 italia

Prindiville offers safe & secure London based car storage for anything from a modern executive saloon to an historic classic racing car. We are based in London (NW8).

Our secure car storage facility is purpose build Vehicle Storage building suitable for London and Home Counties car storage service. Along with climate control, 24hr security team and CCTV monitoring system we also offer air Chamber systems for classic or prestige car storage.

We can also offer pick up, drop off and chauffeur services. All vehicles in our indoor sports car storage facility are thoroughly valeted, fluid checked on routine basis.

Our North London based Car storage package for, medium or long term needs (Please note: The below services do not apply for short term storage). We can offer storage service for classic cars, prestige cars, high-end sports cars as well as motorbike storage.

  • Hand washed vehicle with our seasoned technicians using only our best practice techniques.
  • Inspection of under-bonnet fluid levels and conditions, which if required are topped up.
  • Tyre pressures are overinflated by 50% to reduce the effect of ‘flat spotting’ whilst the vehicle is stationary.
  • Battery is connected to its own individual, automatic CTEK battery conditioner.
  • Drip tray slid beneath the vehicle to allow us to monitor any fluid loss.
  • If required we can comprehensively insure your vehicle on our policy.


  • Walk around checking the storage environment, security systems and dehumidifiers.
  • Battery conditioner status inspected.

Every 14 days

  • We regularly monitor vehicles; they are rolled forwards or backwards to rotate pressure points on the tyres to avoid ‘flat spotting’ problems.
  • The drip tray inspected for any signs of fluid loss.

Every 60 days

  • Vehicles are regularly run, to operating temperature to lightly exercise mechanical components such as the engine, clutch, gears, drive shafts and brakes.
  • Car engine temperature and oil pressure are regularly monitored and recorded to ensure correct running conditions
  • Any ancillaries such as electric windows, mirrors, roofs, sun roofs and air conditioning are operated to lightly exercise with the aim of maintaining their condition.
  • The vehicle is then returned to its parking bay and allowed to cool.
  • Battery conditioner reconnected and car storage cover re-applied.

Tariff: £45.00 PW – £150.00 PCM + VAT. Discounts available for long term storage.

If you have any further enquiries please give us a call +44 (0) 207 624 2911 or simply fill up the form below:

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