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Visual and performance tuning packages for the Aventador


Visual and performance tuning packages for the Aventador, Ferrari 458 Italia and Range Rover Evoque are just for starters…

London-based bespoke coach builder, Prindiville, has relaunched in flamboyant style with a range of stylish visual tuning packages and performance enhancements for three of today’s most iconic cars – the Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 458 and Range Rover E-Vogue.

Calling upon several decades’ experience in automotive design, engineering and carbon fibre construction techniques, Prindiville Design has created a personalisation programme for these three cars that will allow discerning owners to enjoy the pleasures of a tailor-made, unique vehicle, built by skilled British craftsmen and technicians.

Replacement body panels are in aircraft-grade carbon fibre and offer weight savings of up to 65% compared with standard items, while at the same time offering an extra visual flourish that sets the Prindiville interpretation apart from the regular showroom version.

Continuing with the lightweight theme, Prindiville Design has also engineered titanium high performance exhaust systems for each of these cars, which are approximately 80% lighter than the standard items.

Uprated ECUs and high-flow induction systems boost power, to make the most of the weight reduction: upgraded brakes and suspension packages are also available.
Inside, the Prindiville Design collection can be trimmed however an owner desires: they select from a wide choice of luxurious leathers and other lavish upholstery materials, available in an exciting palette of colours.

And exclusive to Prindiville Design are fabulous interior ‘jewellery packs’, which replace standard cabin trim components with alternatives crafted from highly polished milled aluminium.
Further details of the thrilling new Prindiville Design collection will be released in the next few weeks, although order books are already open.

What you need to know about Prindiville

  • Prindiville has just been relaunched and rebranded.
  • The company has central London headquarters and relies extensively on British craftsmen, designers and engineers.
  • Prindiville Design has extensive experience of carbon-fibre manufacture and construction techniques, and practises this art in the automotive, aeronautic and boatbuilding industries.
  • Alex Prindiville, the company’s founder , personally designs and oversees all Prindiville Design’s projects.
  • Although Prindiville Design is relaunching with enhanced versions of the Ferrari 458, Range Rover Evoque and Lamborghini Aventador, it also has visual tuning components for a wide range of other super car and prestige models, including Porsche, Bentley and BMW, as well as other Lamborghini, Ferrari and Range Rover models.
  • As a bespoke coach builder, Prindiville Design can create one-off designs to a customer’s specific requirements.
  • Prindiville Design also engineers, manufacturers and stocks a vast range of visual and performance tuning parts for a growing number of prestige and high performance cars – visit the company’s stylish new website,, to view the full range.
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