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15.000 miles later and still a perfect car, long-term test is passed with 5 of 5 stars

Range Rover Evoque: Final report

15.000 miles later and still a perfect car, long-term test is passed with 5 of 5 stars.
An improved Range Rover Evoque was tested about 15.002 miles by Auto Express and the result is 5 of 5 stars!

It is not a coincidence, because Prindiville convinced again with over 10 years’ experience through a high feelgood-driving factor, which makes every of your journeys enjoyable, with an interior, which gives you vacation feelings, due to the easy to use tech including loads of features to pamper you as good as possible.

At the front there is a beefed-up bonnet and new bumper with DRLs and carbon fibre accents. There is another new bumper at the rear, alongside a diffuser, pillar posts and spoiler, of course, all made from carbon fibre. Lightweight aircraft-grade carbon fibre is at the heart of many of Prindiville’s designs due to the nature of the high performance models that the company’s work is focused on. It does not only complement the look and contours of many of today’s supercars, but also has the benefit of a high strength-to-weight ratio, a known value in motorsport, robotics, and further afield. Do not forget the muscular wheelarches, skirts and door mouldings, which mark it out at the side. The aero kit was supplied by Onyx, which works in partnership with Prindiville. There is hiding inside an ECU remap sees power hiked on the 188 bhp engine by 26 bhp plus 69 Nm of torque. A performance exhaust is fitted and the suspension has also been lowered and stiffened.

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