Selling Through Prindiville

Selling Your Car Through Prindiville

Prindiville's Luxury Automotive Brokerage Service is the convenient, efficient way to sell your car. Decades of experience mean we know the market inside-out, and our list of contacts has truly global reach.

Prindiville will do everything to make the process of selling your car as painless as possible. We can collect your vehicle, even from European locations. Store and display it in our London showrooms. Valet and service it prior to sale. And arrange finance packages and same-day bank transfers for buyers to speed the purchase process.

At Prindiville we understand that every client has different requirements, which is why we offer a wide variety of selling options, as detailed below. We're also able to purchase your unwanted place on a waiting list (or forward order, as it's also known), sell left-hand as well as right-hand drive cars, and are experienced in the sale of classics, exotics and rarities.

1. Sale or return. (SOR)

Sale or return provides you the best return on the sale of your vehicle. Prindiville will inspect your car, issue a valuation, prepare it for sale, store it in our London showroom, and then photograph and market it to our far-reaching database of global buyers and partners.

2. Out right purchase. (ORP)

Depending on the car, Prindiville will purchase your car outright – this is the quickest way of selling your vehicle and we can organise to have funds transferred the same day.

3. Forward orders (FO)

You put your name on the waiting list for an exciting new car, but now you've decided that you no longer fancy it after all. If you simply cancel your order there's a strong chance you'll lose your deposit, but Prindiville can help you sidestep that issue by purchasing your build slot from you.

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