Tesla electric cars represent the future of motoring, especially in urban areas. Battery technology has improved enormously over the past few years, electric infrastructure is developing swiftly, and electric cars – or EVs – have become very good to drive.

At Prindiville we identified the emergence of the electric car market several years back. And with the approval of American motoring giant General Motors, we developed an electric ‘Baby Hummer' to highlight the fact that battery vehicles can be fun.

When we witnessed the impressive rise of Tesla Motors – the first car maker to blend style, luxury, comfort, performance and desirability into an all-electric package – we were quick to forge links with its UK division. Prindiville is now the largest dealer in pre-owned Teslas for sale in the UK.

Emissions-free and exempt from annual vehicle tax (Vehicle Excise Duty or VED) and the London Congestion Charge, electric vehicles are the perfect answer to city driving. Here at Prindiville we're converts – let us help convert you, too.