Electric Hummer FAQ

Electric Hummer FAQ

General Information

What does Prindiville do?

Prindiville has over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing a wide range of bespoke vehicles, with our heritage in coach works and tuning we also stock a he selection of the worlds finest automotive performance parts and vehicles.

Where is Prindiville located?

The Corporate Headquarters are in London, England.

How can I find out what financing is available for Prindiville products?

Click on our Finance and Investment section to learn more about our finance packages.

Hummer Maintenance Help

Where can I find maintenance information for my vehicle?

Your Owner’s Manual contains all relevant maintenance information regarding your vehicle. You may obtain an owner’s manual by contacting us.

Why should I perform maintenance on my vehicle?

Careful periodic maintenance will help keep your vehicle in the safest, most reliable condition. Inspection, adjustment and lubrication of important components are explained in the periodic maintenance schedule found in your owner’s manual.

When should I perform maintenance on my vehicle?

Please see the schedules in your Owner’s Manual.

How should I inspect my vehicle?

Inspect, clean, lubricate, adjust and replace parts as necessary. When inspection reveals the need for replacement parts use genuine Prindiville products.

Who can perform maintenance on my vehicle?

Although you may perform your own maintenance it is best to have an authorised Prindiville service centre perform any necessary maintenance required for your vehicle or a local fully qualified mechanic.

Am I required to take my Prindiville vehicle to an authorised Prindiville dealer for service and maintenance work?

We recommend you have an authorised Prindiville dealer service your vehicle. Using a non-authorised dealer may void your warranty.

Can I do my own axle oil changes?

Yes, but we request that you keep written records and copies of receipts showing the oil changes were done. Please see the Owner’s Manual for advice.

How do I order Optional Accessories?

Prindiville Genuine Accessories are available only from our worldwide network of Dealers and distributors. For options and accessories lists see the relevant model on this website.

Can I order parts and/or accessories by telephone?

Yes, please contact Prindiville on 0207 624 2911

How can I find installation instructions for the Optional Accessory I’ve ordered?

Instructions should be included with the Optional Accessory.

How can I find a parts manual for my vehicle?

You can get a copy of a parts manual by requesting one from MEV directly here.


How long is my factory warranty on my MEV vehicle?

The length of the warranty depends on the vehicle. Please refer to your Owner’s Manual.

What is covered under my factory warranty?

This depends on the vehicle. Contact your dealer or distributor or review the warranty section in the rear of your Owner’s Manual.

If I make modifications to my vehicle will it still be covered?

Prindiville authorised accessories installed by an authorised service dealer are covered.

What happens if I sell the vehicle?

In some cases the warranty is transferable; please check with us for further details.

How are repairs handled under my factory warranty?

If you experience problems with your vehicle take it to an authorised Prindiville Dealer. They will diagnose the problem, repair the vehicle and, if Prindiville covers it, submit the required paperwork to Prindiville on your behalf.

Does my factory warranty cover transporting the unit to and from the dealership?

No, it does not; our warranty terms do not include shipping.

My Hummer vehicle is in need of repair, but the warranty has expired. Will assistance be offered to me?

An authorised dealer or distributor can assist you with identifying the issue with your vehicle. If needed, they can perform the repair work for you.

Is my factory warranty valid at all Prindiville dealers?


Can I go to a non-Prindiville dealer for warranty work?

No, only an authorised Prindiville Dealer or distributor may perform warranty work on your vehicle.

How long is the factory warranty on my MEV accessory?

It depends upon your vehicle. Please refer to the Warranty section of your Owner’s Manual or contact your local Prindiville authorised Dealer.

Customer Service

How do I contact Prindivilles Customer Service Department?

You can contact Prindiville at
Phone: 0207 624 2911
Email: help@prindiville.co.uk

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