Brokerage FAQ’s

What is Prindiville Brokerage ?

Here at Prindiville we enable you to realise a true market value for your car by marketing and selling it on your behalf, an alternative to selling it for a low price to the industry or trying to sell it privately where prospective purchasers mostly require part exchange facilities.

How is it different to sale or return ?

We will market your car using the appropriate media, thereby selling it for you whilst you are still driving it. We also offer the traditional “sale or return service” within 100 miles of the City of London where it is geographically convenient and you can be without the use of your car.

Who is it for ?

This service is for any person wishing to sell their car or buy a new one and wanting full dealer facilities from Prindiville, a well respected name in the industry. Rather than accepting a lower price from a dealer or auction, you can use our service and support to achieve a fair market price.

How do I use it (selling your car) ?

For Prindiville to offer you an accurate price we will require you to first register your interest and complete a detailed on line appraisal form, this will cover all aspects of the vehicle and will also allow you to upload images of your car, this information is important to us to give you an accurate valuation. A member of our Team will contact you by phone to discuss your vehicle and will recommend an accurate market price range for your vehicle.

If you wish to appoint Prindiville to sell your car we will professionally appraise your vehicle and documentation at a time and location that is most convenient for you. We will also take our own professional photographs of your vehicle. The cost for this and to publish the details of your vehicle in our sales media is 290.00 including VAT; / We also offer a video production service which would be carried out at the same time as the appraisal, which costs a further £345,00 including VAT.

Once the vehicle is sold and subject to the vehicles original appraisal by Prindiville, the vehicle will be taken to the appropriate dealer, local to the vendor, to have a report done on essential service and safety related works. The cost of such works will be estimated and deductible from the Vendor’s net payment. Any works specifically requested over and above the essential works would be at the cost of the buyer.

How do I buy a car ?

If you have identified a vehicle on our website and would like to enquire about it, please complete our online form with your personal contact information, a member of our brokerage team will contact you to discuss the vehicle and your requirements. We will be able to supply a full range of funding options and if required take your existing vehicle in part exchange. At this stage we ask you to secure the vehicle with a fully refundable deposit of £500.00, we will then arrange for a personal viewing of the car appropriate to your geographical location.

I am selling my car privately, can you help me ?

This is an industry first, and already a very popular support service. If you are a private buyer/seller and require the back up facilities of a main dealer i.e cherished plate transfer, warranty, import/export, shipping, vehicle transportation, servicing or body & paint repair then our brokerage service is the ideal service. If you have any questions regarding this service or are in need of professional advice then contact us by completing the on line form.

What are the benefits in using this brokerage service ?

By using the Prindiville Brokerage service you are assured that the car you are buying has met with a stringent standard of preparation and quality which is a condition on both sides of the sale. All relevant checks are made to title, financial and accident history. All cars have a minimum of 12 months warranty.

What does it cost ?
  • All vehicles will be sold subject to a mandatory inspection and photography fee on £290 (inc. VAT)
  • You can commission a video of your car for a fee or £345 (inc. VAT)
  • Upon completion of a sale Prindiville will deduct a 5% fee + VAT of the selling price. This fee will be deducted from the proceeds of sale payable to the vendor. In the circumstances where an offer is made below the recommended range then the vendor will have the option to accept such an offer and the amount of selling fees will be agreed on an individual basis.
  • If you are using our Private service we charge a 5% fee to provide our dealer facilities to parties who have already agreed to transact
  • A reservation fee of £500.00 is applicable for a vehicle you wish to view, this fee is fully refundable.
  • If you are buying a car there is no cost.
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