Vehicle Wrapping
Vehicle Wrapping
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Got A Vehicle You Want To Colour Change?

Prindiville London are now offering full & part wraps, this means you are able to completely change the look of your vehicle whilst keeping a high standard finish to make your custom dream come true!

Customising your vehicle, subtle or loud, adds that extra touch that makes your vehicle that little bit more unique.

Wrapping your vehicle also protects its factory paint job!

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We can wrap anything from a hatchback to a hyper-car

Why wrapping is a great alternative to spraying.

  • Thousands of different vinyl Colours to choose from
  • Unique finishes such as snake skin & velvet
  • Protects original paint jobs
  • Low cost when compared to spraying
  • It's removable
  • With aftercare wraps can last up to 5 years
  • Wraps can be customised with digital printed design
Vehicle Wrap Custom
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PPF (Paint Protection Film) is a great alternative for those that do not wish to change the colour of their vehicle.

Essentially PPF is a self healing, transparent layer fitted over the original paint work of a vehicle in order to keep its finish pristine.

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PPF Part Installation

PPFcan also be fitted in sections if you are only worried about stone chips and areas affected by debris such as bumper, side-skirts and wheel arches, it is recommended you opt for a part PPF installation plan.

  • It lets paint age naturally & prevents discoloration
  • There are no side effects
  • The film used in PPF is invisible
  • PPF helps to maintain your car's appearance
  • PPF is high-gloss which enhances the paintwork
  • Different finishes available (matte, gloss...)
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